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From Islam to Christianity Most people believe that choosing one’s religion is a matter of personal preference. For the most part, this is true; however, there are people who do not always get the choice. Some people are born into Judaism, others are born into Catholicism, and there are even people who live in a country where only one religion is accept - and these people are expected to abide by these religions.


I never questioned the religion of my family. I had grown so used to it that it simply became a part of me. When I moved to the United States in 2000, I was met with a significantly different value system. To prevent myself from being tempted by other religions, I held strong to my Islamic beliefs. However, even with praying five times a day, and in a language that I did not understand, it always felt as though my prayers were bouncing off the ceiling. God seemed impossible to reach. The distance between God and I only seemed to grow when I found out that my mother had been diagnosed with cancer. After all the praying I had done for the health and safety of my family, I felt that God had failed. It was not long before I turned my back on God, saying blasphemous things and rejecting him entirely. During this rough time, I sought that advice of one of my closest friends, a Christian who I had met in my Physics class. I shared with him my emotional difficulties, my mother’s cancer diagnosis, and my fading belief in God. In response, my friend gave me a copy of the New Testament of the Bible and recommended that I read it. I did so, albeit with great confusion. ...
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