Bibles, How they Differ and Have Changed over the Course of Time

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Bibles, how they differ and have changed over the course of time Your Name Institution Abstract The bible is an engrossing book which contains about 66 books for most denominations. The Roman Catholic has more than this. It was written by men and some women who were inspired by God for a period of between 1500 to 2200 years.


The New Testament's writings were not considered complete until sometime from the first to the third century AD (Scott 1998) many people have the idea that the bible has been manipulated as time goes by. Others have gone to the extend arguing that it has been corrupted via copying which has altered some few messages in it. The composition of the bible is also raising some questions. The Christian are of the idea that the bible was written by people who were led by the spirit of God. They believe that God is the author of the bible, since, through his divine power, he communicated to individuals who wrote it. The Atheist, on the other hand claims that the disciples of Jesus are the ones who composed the bible. These myths have existed through many years, and it seems that there is no point when the truth will be known unless until when the Day of Judgment will be revealed. In reality, what has happened and will still continue happening is the translation of the bible into different languages and versions. History of the bible reveals that, the bible has been converted from the first language which was Latin to English and then to other languages. It also reveals that the original manuscripts, which were written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, have been copied over the centuries, making some few changes (Dowey 2006). ...
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