The Corinthian Community and Paul

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Name Instructor Course Date The Corinthian community and Paul: Women and men’s head-covering and uncovering in prophesy (1 Cor. 11:2-16) Apostle Paul has just given an explanation in the third verse that Christ is the head of every man. It is therefore true that the obvious implication in the fourth verse is that each man who prophesizes or prays with his while his head is covered does not honor the Lord, which is his spiritual head.


Let me now try explaining what the Apostle means by prophesies and prayer. The prophesying that is being referred to by the Apostle is the gift of reception and speaking direct revelation from the Lord Himself, particularly regarding future occurrences. Nevertheless, the Bible is not in support of the stance of those who assert that this word also means preaching. Of course, praying continues, however, I now have to ask what according to me, is a significant question: Why did the Apostle only name prophesying and praying, leaving things such as preaching, speaking in tongues, exhortation, speaking the directly revealed knowledge, and singing or even teaching? The meaning of all these things is just the same. This means that they are all of a way of speaking confidently; either giving or direct revelation, calling to action on the basis of revelation, proclamation of revelation, or even the explanation of revelation and its application, or worshiping via singing or praying. For sure, there can never be a reason as to why the Apostle chose prophesying and praying except for the fact that they are two cases in point from the list. ...
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