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Arminian and Calvinist Views - Research Paper Example

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Christianity denotes a religious grouping that believes in God as a Supreme Being and Jesus Christ as his begotten son through which mankind receive salvation. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and the only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have an everlasting life”1 Christianity as a religion has two major groupings, Catholics and protestants, which are further divided into numerous groups with different doctrines. The paper will explore Calvinism and Arminianism as two different views in the Christian fraternity and evaluate their merits. Nosorto states that, “There are several notable differences between the two theologies of Calvinism and Arminianism.2 Let us examine these two views to bring out the differences and to understand them. The term Calvinism was coined by John Calvin who was a close ally of Martin Luther for a long time before they parted ways due to divergent religious ideologies.3 Calvinism is a religious viewpoint that holds five major pillars and each of the pillars have biblical backings. One of the pillars as documented by Nosorto is total depravity that states that, a man 1.International Bible Society. Holy Bible; New International Version. USA:International Bible Society Press,1973. 106. 2. Nosotro Rit. Calvinism and 2010. (Accessed April, 24 2012) 3.Norsoto does not have a freewill but only in accordance to his nature.”4 This is a proposition that man’s heart is naturally wicked and therefore cannot choose God. It is a belief that unless man is prompted by the Holy Spirit, he will remain wicked. This believes are supported by Jeremiah 17:9 that state that, the heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. 5. This brings out the fact that man’s heart is wicked from creation and will remain so unless God intervenes. You cannot choose God because you are unclean but God can choose you and cleanse you; this is the essence of total depravity and lack of freewill. On the other hand, Arminianism advocates for freewill. It argues that even though man is sinful in nature, they have the ability to choose to do-good or do bad. God does not impose decisions on human beings but gives them an opportunity to make their own decisions. These decisions do not depend on nature. This position is supported by John 7:17, that states that if any one chooses to do well then they will know that my teachings are from God.6 According to Coulter, other areas of divergent opinions between the Calvinist and Arminianist perspectives are on the election to salvation, where it is conditional in Arminianism and unconditional in Calvinist, limited atonement for Calvinism but universal atonement for Arminianism and irresistible grace for Calvinism and grace that can be resisted in Armianism.7 4. Norsoto 5. .International Bible Society. Holy Bible; New International Version,817 6. International Bible Society. Holy Bible; New International Version,112 7. Coulter B. Paul. Devine Sovereignity and Human 2011 Web 23 April 2012 (Accessed April, 23 2012) How do these views relate with God’s providence? What is providence? The word providence is derived from the Latin noun providentia, ‘foresight, forethought,’ and the related verb providere, ‘to provide for, take precautions for or against something.8 ...Show more


UNIVERSITY NAME NAME OF THE PROFESSOR Arminian and Calvinist views STUDENT DATA NAME: EMAIL: PHONE: SEMESTER: DATE: SPECIALIZATION: Arminian and Calvinist Views It is a common knowledge that occurrences in the society do not just happen by chance…
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Arminian and Calvinist Views
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