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Religion, Spirituality and Supreme Being

Suffice it is to say that Chinese believe in a Supreme Being, the greatest and the only force that takes care of the functioning and evolution of the Cosmos. Turn the pages of Chinese history; one sees the interplay of different religions and their lasting impact on the Chinese psyche, under one spiritual umbrella. A truly spiritual man reposes faith on a tree, a mountain, a river or any facet of nature. Viewed from this angle the Chinese are spiritual. Religion comes next. Religion though basically faith-related, is to comply with a set of rules and regulations and rituals that have evolved as customs and traditions over a long period. So much so, that the individual loses sight of the intrinsic spiritual worth of that custom and follows them blindly. When one is member of a single organization and views all other faiths/organization with suspicion to start with, and contempt to follow, one develops fanaticism. A man without an abiding faith is not a truly religious individual. ...
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The topics on religion, spirituality and Supreme Being are often confused and during discussions they overlap each other. Supreme Being is such a vast concept, it is impossible to explain its significance within the limitations of words only…
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