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Religion and Theology
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The prisons in the American society have become a vital institution. It has integrated itself with the cultural, economic and political sphere of the United States of America (USA).


The current prison and jail population in recent times has shown a substantial rise of over two million. America undoubtedly leads the world in terms of number of imprisoned population and that is a disgrace. USA prison system has made millions lives to live constantly under the threat of torture. This is precisely true for the 6.9 million individuals in USA who are at present imprisoned or some way or the other subject to the USA penal body (Franklin). More insidiously, the prison system has essentially assisted in turning torture into a normal, lawful, and a common part of American culture. Imprisonment can be classified as a form of torture owing to the fact that it is considered as the legal form of both punishment and avoidance. Moreover, the American prison system is typically designed and run to maximize filth, brutality, and punishment. As mentioned by Franklin “Beatings, electric shock, prolonged exposure to heat and even immersion in scalding water, sodomy with riot batons, nightsticks, flashlights, and broom handles, shackled prisoners forced to lie in their own excrement for hours or even days, months of solitary confinement, rape and murder by guards or prisoners instructed by guards” (Franklin) are very common within the closed walls of the American prison. ...
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