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Comparison of Violent Extent of Religious Terrorism to Secular Terrorism - Essay Example

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Comparison of violent extent of religious terrorism to secular terrorism Name: XXXXXXXXXXX Professor: XXXXXXXXX Institution: XXXXXXXX Course: XXXXXXXXXX Date: XXXXXXXXXXX Terrorism can be defined as illegal acts of violence that inflict pain to an individual or a group of people…
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Comparison of Violent Extent of Religious Terrorism to Secular Terrorism
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Comparison of Violent Extent of Religious Terrorism to Secular Terrorism

Nevertheless, religious terrorist attacks are known to be fatal and lethal compared to secular attacks. Religious terrorist motivated by religion, to commit terrorist attacks with a conviction that they are right; for instance, Muslims commit crimes with the claim that they are involved in a holy war (jihad). The secular terrorists are aware that they are committing a crime; therefore, they ensure their attacks are less lethal and fatal (Al-Khattar, 2011, 22). Terrorism is a kind of violence applied in peace, conflict and war. The groups use threats before carrying out unexpected attacks. The American Christians white supremacists threatened the government of America claiming that the people running the government were not Christians. As a result, they bombed Alfred P. Murrah federal office building in Oklahoma City in April 1995 to make their point clear (Hoffman, 2006, 107). Terrorist attacks have specific goals and motives the attacks do not happen randomly. For instance, the al Qaeda group led by Osama bin laden carried out the 9/11 attack to ensure the American government withdraw its military base from Saudi Arabia. Their goal was to ensure the Americans were not in control of any Arabic country (Dyson, 2010, 5). Religion known to be the centre of human beings, people controlled and guided by religious beliefs. Therefore, when terror groups created based on religion the group is likely to have many committed followers (Fine, 2008, 59). In addition, when undertaking terror attacks the group ensures the attacks are fatal because they believe the people attacked are wrong and should be punished for their wrong doings. Secular terrorist attacks; on the other hand, undertaken to manipulate a government or a group of people to adhere to their demands (Hoffman, 2006, 7). Islamic religion well known for conducting a number of terrorist attacks, the well-known al Qaeda group religiously controlled. Its followers commit crimes with a view that they are fighting for their Islamic rights. For instance, the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York was fatal, many people lost their lives and others left injured (Jonathan, 2010, 369). In addition, property of invaluable value also destroyed. The attack was fatal because it was religiously controlled. Religious terrorism are known to be fatal, because of the reasoning behind the attack. Religious terrorist believe that the attack is holy and religiously protected (Juergen, 2010, 34). In addition, religious terrorist believe that violence is a sacred act undertaken in direct, to fulfill religious needs or better still they believe the attack justified by the scripture. Religion functions as a legal force, which triggers a massive criminal activity against people who are not strong believers of religion (Sugirharah, 2011, 75). Religious terrorist attacks believe their work is a vocational calling, and they normally take responsibility of their actions publicly. They use terrorism to fulfill their political and social demands (Okoro, 2010, 554). In addition, religious terrorist also act anonymously, and they act to fulfill their own needs. Their attacks escalate violence and harm to the public. Islamic religion known to accommodate a number of terror groups, nonetheless, religious terrorist involve other religions too. For instance, the 1995 nerve gas attack in Tokyo subway system led by apocalyptic Japanese religious cult that took the lives of many people. After the attack, the group also promised ... Read More
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