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Biblical Theme of Justice, Love, Fidelity, Mercy - Term Paper Example

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Biblical Theme of Justice, Love, Fidelity, Mercy

The Old Testament narrates events that occurred during the time of Abraham, Moses, and the lives of Israelites. The common bible has 66 books written by various authors, at a different period influenced by the Holy Spirit. It is reputable that the bible is the most sold manuscript in the historical world compared to other literary books. Justice, fidelity, love and mercy are core themes found in the bible and are discussed aptly.
Old Testament
God is just and desires man to practice integrity according to his guidance and instructions. He wants justice to be practiced in interpersonal relations among the populace. Justice refers to policies and set of laws that bind the society mutually in the Old Testament. The laws in testament are aimed at bringing harmony and love among people. Justice is viewed as liberation when the Israelites were liberated from the repression of slavery in Egypt (Groody, 33) Justice is depicted when God made a covenant with the Israelites after rescuing them from oppression and taking them to Promised Land.
"’(The Egyptians) made the people of Israel serve with rigour and made their lives bitter with hard service, in mortar and brick, and in all kinds of work in the field; in all their work they made them serve with rigour’ (Exodus 1: 13-14).” (The Irish Commission for Justice, & Peace, 4)...
The term ‘Yahweh the liberator’ is common in Old Testament since he is responsible in assisting the demoralized, and defenseless in society. They were overworked for a period in anticipating that God would come to their rescue and deliver them from subjugation. According to the Old Testament, a person cannot be just when relating to the covenant made amid man and God (Groody, 33). The covenant required Israelites to be just by assisting the oppressed and deprived. Justice significantly emphasizes on quality of human relation rather than the social power and person’s rights. The relationship existing amid individuals should be guided by covenant’s qualities such as steadfast, love, mercy and faithfulness. Amusingly, Israelites perceived a ‘just’ person as an individual who is well off and lives a comfortable life. The continuity in the development of the theme is seen in the story of Job, whose life experience teaches people that justice is appreciating good things in life and the ability to be aware that everything in existence is a gift from God. Prophet Zephaniah and Jeremiah esteemed the poor in the society since they were perceived as the chosen instrument in God’s implementation of justice. The act of justice by the Israelites is the basis of Israel’s faith. God is referred to as the ‘God of Covenant’ since he rejects worship that prohibits the significance and practice of justice. Consequently, for a Christian to be perceived as redeemer of the subjugated, he/she has to observe the duties critically (Groody, 32). New Testament Justice should prevail in society, and individuals should learn to be understanding and caring to be perceived justly. A ‘just’ person lives in accordance to the covenant way of life ...Show more


The bible is one of the oldest literary manuscripts globally. It is in 2 sections, the Old and New Testament. The Old Testament accounts for events occurring prior to the New Testament that major on Israelites as the chosen people of God…
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Biblical Theme of Justice, Love, Fidelity, Mercy essay example
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