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The Life of Christ Name University Course Instructor Date Christ was born in a little plain in a deserted chapel known as “the angel to the shepherds” which is one mile from Bethlehem and this was built over the traditional site of the field described as attractive as any paradise to Christian ears (Farrar 1).


In the verse of evangelist we are not told that the angelic songs were heard by any other group except the shepherd that was grazing that night. The saviors’ ancestress, Ruth was in the same field where the same shepherds were guarding their flock from wild animals, she was sick at heart among the foreign corn (Farrar 1). David, the youngest son of a large family had followed the sheep and suddenly hears of the great news about the Christ Jesus being born amongst the irrelevance of a world lifeless of its liberation there was angel’s assembly of heavenly host praising God and saying Glory to God and there be peace on earth among men of good will. It might have been expected that Christian goodness could protect the rude grotto of shepherds in the minds of the church but instead the chapel of the herald angel is a “mere rude tomb” (Farrar 2). The poverty of chapel matches well with the humble toil of those whose happy vision is intended to remember. In the temple, only four of our lords beginning are narrated by gospel, the circumcision, and the presentation in the temple, the visit of magicians and the flight into the Egypt. Fist two occurs in St. Mathew and no single particular can be pointed out in which the two narratives are necessary contradictory. Its only since in the dawn of Christian children are surrounded with romance. ...
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