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Religion and Theology
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Name Professor Course Date Introduction Politics and religion are said to be strange bed fellows. However, they each influence the functioning of each other. Politics denotes the art of governing the affairs of a nation or a people. Different governments have risen in differing fashions.


Politics intersects with religion in the sense that they both influence the lives of the people that are under their control (Narayanan 23). Most of the European colonial powers used religion to infiltrate and colonize most parts of the world. In this essay, I will discuss Hindu religious thoughts in light of the British rule in 1750-1945. The Hindu religious thoughts The Hindu religious thoughts comprised of a number of principles, ideas and practices that gave rise to different religious schools of thought. Each of these schools believed in a Supreme Deity and had temples with religious leaders. The various schools appear to hold divergent religious views, but they all base their teachings on the doctrine of the Hindu religion (Micheals 13). Hindu religion indoctrinates its followers with doctrines such as dharma, divinity of the atman, karma and reincarnation. They also teach on the sacraments and the scriptural authority of the Vedas. These schools of worship simply represent the various ways of worship. They emerged to serve the different tastes, classes and aptitudes of the people. From time immemorial, Hinduism was the major religion in India. This is the third largest world religion with its followers mostly found in the Asian continent. Hinduism was and still is the dominant religion in India. It is a religion that emanated from diverse thoughts and beliefs. Hinduism is often referred to as the religion of 300 gods. ...
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