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The Four Reliances - Essay Example


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The Four Reliances

The other reliances state that reliance should be on intention (real meaning) but not on speculation (provisional meaning) and the last states, that someone should not depend on self- grasping mind (normal, judgemental mind) but should depend on their mind’s of wisdom. The first reliance, which majors on the message and the messenger mean that when making a decision on which principle to depend on someone should not get satisfied with the reputation or fame of a Dharma (teacher) but should examine what the Dharma teaches.1 If, upon examination, one discovers that the teachings are sensible and perfect, they should recognize them. However, if the teachings lack the qualities one ought to reject them even if the Dharma is charismatic or well known. Reliance number two, which majors on the dependence on meaning rather than words, simply means that someone should not be affected simply by the oratorical or poetic style of a teaching but is suppose to recognize it if the definite denotation of the oratorical or poetic styles is reasonable. Reliance number three, which chiefly focuses on intention and speculation, means that the satisfaction of somebody should not be merely based on the interpretive denotation of conformist truth. The satisfaction should be based on the acceptance of ultimate meaning of the definitive reality of emptiness. In other language, because the technique teachings on bodhichitta and the knowledge teachings on bareness are companions, someone should not get satisfaction

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with only a single teaching should apply both teachings together.2 The last reliance simply means that someone should not get satisfaction from the impure, misleading situations of awareness but should base their reliance on meditative equipoise wisdom of the superior beings. The four reliances have a connection with the historical, biblical criticism; the reliances advices on the practice of some principles have historically been criticized by the bible. For instance, the first reliance, which focuses on, the message and the messenger is criticized by the bible because the bible advises that Christians all Jesus teachings must be followed without questioning. The bible, therefore, historically criticizes the first reliance because it goes against believing every message that the Christ delivered to his followers. Moreover, the biblical criticism of the reliance is shown because in Christianity the bible advices that nobody should go against what Jesus taught; therefore, there is no freedom for opinion. In the reliance, however, there is free opinion since either someone can accept a teaching or can oppose it. This is the chief point of contact that the reliance has with historical, biblical criticism. The point of connection, however, is undergoing a departure from the historical, biblical criticism because most Christians nowadays tend to question some teachings or messages that Jesus delivered to them. Some Christians are even going against some Jesus teachings and, therefore, are embracing this reliance. This clearly shows that the criticism that has historically been focused toward the reliance of Buddhism by the Bible is slowly fading away in Christianity. The general evaluation of the four reliances can be that they are worth in assisting people in having independent thinking, being intelligent and being morally upright.3 For instance, the


The Four Reliances Name: Professor: Course: Date: Introduction In Buddha religion, the followers are taught many aspects, which help them spiritually, mentally and psychologically. These aspects taught are believed to help in elevating the morals of a Buddhist…
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The Four Reliances essay example
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