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The Gospel of John

“Hymn to the Word” is a section meant to look at Jesus as the logos of God, and His eternal Word. John acknowledges that Jesus is above all divine creatures (Lee, 2002). There are seven signs whereby Jesus’s public life is explained and written so as to show the world his spiritual being different from that of the other human beings. Included are the seven signs or miracles together with long speeches as Jesus explains himself and his purpose in the world, particularly his relationship with God (Lee, 2002). He says that God is his Father and it is only through him that people would get to his father. He goes further and explains that He is the son of God and stated severally that if an individual did not know him, then how he would know his father. When Jesus raised Lazarus from the death, it leads to his execution. The Jews were greatly of the opinion that Jesus was mocking their religious beliefs and those of their forefathers. They, therefore, decided that the only way to deal with him was to kill him. The seven signs mentioned above included: John the Baptist, Jesus is the Lamp of God, the calling of Simon, Andrew and Nathaniel, the marriage at Galilee where he changed water into wine, Jews and the businessmen who conducted their business in the Holy Temple of God, Nicodemus the Pharisee and the need to be baptized. ...
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The Gospel of John Name Tutor Course Date Gospel of John The Gospel of John is often referred to as the fourth gospel whereby John, a disciple of Jesus, wrote an account of the public life of Jesus. It begins with the introduction of Jesus by John the Baptist, and ends with His death and burial (Coloe M…
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