Islamic Business Ethics and Christianity

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Outline Introduction Description of major Religious traditions in Islamic business Religious traditions in Christian business Compare and contrast Conclusion Islamic Business Ethics and Christians Introduction The concept of ethical leadership is vastly becoming recognized in the business world, partly because of the highly publicised cases of exposing case of exposing unethical practises or issues that are either internal or external to the business.


Religions such as Islam and Christianity have thoughtful and religious concepts that may underpin the ethical business theories. Islamic and Christianity have caused an increase in business ethical arguments concerning relations of firms with globalization and secularization. Religion is considered as the benchmark of moral values. It addresses morality questions of what is right and wrong in business matters. The role of faith and religious beliefs on ethical business practices in a community has been questioned. The conventional teachings of Islam and Christianity on trade ethics correlated issues such as values, legal codes of behaviour on the control of a business, the workplace and wealth attainment and use highly affect a business management. Description of major Ethical and moral issues in businesses are raised in cases involving bribery, corruption, fraud and cheating. Religion is also critical in ethical matters dealing with discrimination, injustice and rights of employees, customers and stakeholders as well as other values in business (O’Brien and Scott, 35). Islam is the only major religion in the world that was founded by a businessperson. ...
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