The Internet from Christian and Islamic Perspectives

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The Internet from Christian and Islamic Perspectives Introduction Essentially, the Internet is a medium or a platform by which people could access all sorts of information. It is free and unrestricted, containing available data coming from all sources from anywhere around the world.


Internet in Islam The popular notion, especially in the West is that Islam may not be comfortable with the Internet. Images of censorship and restriction would probably inform this perception. But the fact is that the Internet is accessible to many Muslims across the world. There is no specific Islamic teaching that bars the use of the Internet for Muslims. As a matter of fact, many Muslims are finding the Internet a convenient and useful way to learn not just about common knowledge but also about Islam, its rituals, among other information. Today, both traditional Muslim texts and contemporary Muslim conversation have found their way to the information superhighway (Bowen and Early, 300). Abdulla also pointed out that while Islam is not dependent on the Internet and computers and would not miss it if it disappears, there is still the fact that these technological innovations have expanded several aspects of Islam (62). For example, the Internet is also increasingly becoming a place for Muslims to join together into many communities that strengthen relationship and brotherhood. According to Karagiannis and Wagner, the Internet, along with the so-called "new media", created new forms of Islamic communities, which revolve around shared communications and which bind together new relationships (97). ...
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