Introduction to Preaching: Traditional 3 Point Style Sermon

Introduction to Preaching: Traditional 3 Point Style Sermon Essay example
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Introduction to Preaching: traditional 3 point style sermon Institution Instructor Course Name Date Introduction to Preaching Introduction to preaching is a course whose aim is to introduce one to the art and craft of preaching, which is a core and central activity in the Christian church.


Introduction to preaching has helped me understand the historical and theological responsibility in the interpretation of scripture. This course has also helped me in accurate representation of the words and meaning of others. It has also played a role in my ability to ground theology in practical reality, hence leading the congregation in a reformed worship. Introduction to preaching also equip with knowledge and respect for the church of Jesus Christ. It also plays a role in understanding the relevance of theological reasoning. The significance of studying introduction to preaching helps one to think theologically about a certain text, theme or topic for preaching. It is through introduction to preaching that one can gain knowledge in imagining, developing, and implementation of a form for oral communication, which is the basis for any preaching. One is also able to exegete a biblical text for preaching. If there is proper enhancement of this one will be able to communicate through voice, thought, and body even in performance of two sermons. Since preaching is a social activity of exchanging various ideas regarding the word of God, it is appropriate for one to evaluate and assess his own preaching, as well as that of your peers. ...
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