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Comparison between Judaism and Christianity Name Professor Institution Course Date Introduction Christianity is a monotheistic creed in which the populaces admit Jesus Christ and conform to His statutes. Christians deem that God offered Jesus Christ in the flesh to deliver the humanity from sin (Doerfler, 2011).


It consists of the Old and the New Testaments (Spencer, 2007). Usually, the Christ’s statutes are prevalent in both Testaments that act as a prediction of the coming of the Christ (Spencer, 2007). The faith has various denominations: the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, and the Protestants. Though there are small diversities in their beliefs, they adhere to the same statutes. Christians hold the notion of Eternity reserved for the upright and perpetual damnation as a reprimand for unrighteous life on earth (Doerfler, 2011). Judaism versus Christianity Judaism is a Jewish creed that that sticks to the statutes unraveled to Moses by God. The main belief of Judaism is the notion that persons of all denominations are God’s children (Taubes et al., 2010). They believe in equality before God. The Jews do not acknowledge Jesus is the Messiah; they usually contend with argument that their Messiah, the real one, will emerge when the entire world attains peace. Christians embrace Christ as their Messiah and liberator (Taubes et al., 2010). The Jews normally claim they are God’s elect and live in accordance to His directives contrary to other nations. This argument emanates from the old patriarchs whom they emulate. ...
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