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Religious Values: News Article - Essay Example


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Religious Values: News Article

The overall effect is to undermine the religious views of the majority of the elected representatives in Tennessee and to promote a materialist, non-religious world view as if it were the norm in the whole of American society. Evidence from Robin Zimmer, identified as “a biotechnology consultant and affiliate of a creationist organization” is briefly cited, stating that “Critical thinking, analysis fosters good science” (Flock, 2012, p. 1). This is an edited extract from a longer article, and it makes very little contribution to the argument because it is a platitude that no one could argue against. Longer and much more targeted quotations from critics of the bill are provided and they use very colorful language which sticks in the mind of the reader. The phrase “monkey bill” is used to refer to the bill, referring to a previous law in Tennessee that prohibited the teaching of evolution. The fact of the matter , however, that the 2012 bill is nothing like that previous anti-evolution bill. For a start it does not prohibit anything, and it does not prescribe anything either: it merely allows public schools to present a mix of views rather than a positivist scientific set of theories. Labelling the 2012 bill in such a way as to suggest it is a repetition of that earlier legislation is an unhelpful exaggeration which confuses the issue and misrepresents the modern bill. The quotation from the director of the National Center for Science Education sharpens the debate into a conflict between

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Religious Values: News Article
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“science” and “non-science”, placing creationism and climate-change denial into the latter category. An interesting aspect of this debate, which the article deliberately suppresses, is the fact that it is the pro-science lobby that is showing intolerance, while at the same time accusing the religious right of this very fault. The clearest evidence of a slanted reporting is found, however, in the way that views from the “Miss USA” pageant are cited, singling out Miss Kentucky and Miss Alabama saying that they did not believe in the theory of evolution. Reducing the argument to the level of personal opinions expressed in such a sexist and commercialized setting is a way of trivializing the heartfelt views of millions of Americans. The article finishes on an alarmist note, giving space again to the director of the National Center for Science Education, who warns against other American states going down this same “dangerous path” (Flock, 2012, p.1). There is no citation of any authority of equal status arguing for the dangers of a purely materialist world view, or pointing out the contingent and incomplete state of human knowledge in the face of a universe that is far vaster and more mysterious than we can ever comprehend. The reporting of this regional matter in the Washington Post national context has thus shown a subtle set of biased assumptions in the political sphere, elevating urban


Religious Values: News Article A recent short article in the Washington Post (Flock, 2012) reports on the passing of a new bill that allows alternatives to mainstream scientific theories to be taught in public schools in Tennessee. The facts on which the article are based are very few: that the bill was passed through both houses of the state legislature, which is controlled by Republicans, and that the governor refused to sign the bill, which then automatically becomes law if a governor refuses to sign it within 10 days…
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Religious Values: News Article essay example
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