An Exegetical Study on John 8:1-11

An Exegetical Study on John 8:1-11 Essay example
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An Exegetical Study of the Prologue of John 8:1-11 Exegesis is the process of uncovering the literal meaning of a text and seeks a critical explanation of any text especially a religious text, read exegenesis of the Bible. The main aim of a Biblical exegesis is the relevant exploration of the textual meaning and the discovery of the textual significance.


This paper concentrates on the exegenesis of Prologue of John 8:1-11. It will take concern on the text itself and not on the modern issues or secondary sources comparable to the text in context. The purpose of this paper is to perform a thorough exegetical analysis on the Prologue of John 8:1-11. In an attempt to attain the objectives of the study, the basic and relevant details of the prologue will be surveyed and analyzed informatively. Additionally, the relevant background information on the prologue will undergo a detailed examination in its context. A clear analysis and interpretation of the background and the text will henceforth follow to deduce an outright textual meaning of the prologue. Indeed, the study will actually analyze textual criticism into the history and origins of the text and analyse the grammatical and syntactical features of the prologue. It will address the historical and cultural background of John in light with the prologue. The paper will articulately address the textual meaning of the original, historical audience that the author and the prologue address. ...
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