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Why Science and Theologians Should Work Together - Research Paper Example

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Why Science and Theologians Should Work Together

Theology refers to the logical and rational study of religion and its power. It also refers to the study of the nature of religious truths, or the academic profession acquired by completing education in religious studies (Cobb 1). Theology can be studied in seminaries, universities or school of divinities. “The aim of Science is accepting legitimate relations amongst natural phenomena. Religion refers to a way of living within a bigger framework of sense” (Thyateira 1). This paper will research on the reasons why scientists and theologians should work together and how they are compatible. The article will also research on the similarities and the differences between science and theology. Finally, it will show how science and religion can both function together to be productive. In recent use, the term science regularly refers to the means of tracking knowledge, not only the knowledge taught itself (Cobb 1). It is often taken to be equivalent to physical and natural science (Friberg 1). It is, thus, limited to those branches of study that involve the occurrences of the material world and their principles, occasionally with indirect exclusion of pure mathematics. Augustine of Hippo referred to theology as a discussion concerning or reasoning about God (Thyateira 1). Richard Hooker referred to theology as the science of divine things. The phrase can, however, be applied in a variety of diverse disciplines or forms of discussions. Theologians use diverse forms of argument and analysis to help appreciate, clarify, experiment, critique, promote or defend any of the countless religious issues. These diverse forms of analysis are spiritual, philosophical, historical and ethnographic topics among others (Thyateira 1). Why Scientists and Theologians Should Work Together Theology has two pedigrees. One was the religious beliefs of the inhabitants of Israel as arbitrated to the Gentile world through Jesus and His apostle Paul. The other was the complicated thought of the Gentile world, expressed in the Greek beliefs. In contrast with the current era, the sciences are still immature (Cobb 1). But such as it was, they were markedly integrated into beliefs. Hence the exploitation of Greek beliefs was also exploitation of Greek science. Science should reflect on what the Bible suggests because it is all about understanding the future. Scientists have to reflect on the dependability of religion. Studying the Bible will enlighten them on end-time procedures and what they can anticipate. The precise date when these events start is indefinite. In Christian theology, the term rapture refers to the period that Christ will take His followers to Heaven, both those who had passed away and those who are alive. “Science refers to an attempt of appreciating creation. Biblical belief entails our relation to the Creator. Since we can study about the Creator from his creation, religion can study from science” (Hairston 1). The discussion is complex since some theologians referred to as Pre-millennialists claim that the rapture will be carried out before the tribulation. Mid-point theologians believe the rapture will take place at the midpoint of three and half years, and post-millennialists believe that it will be after the millennium. There have to be joint trust in merging their disparities in genuine faith. Bible teachers deem that Christians have the bigger corrections to craft. Some scientists are atheists. Most of them want the truth to triumph and are prepared to believe Biblical affirmations only if they do not infringe on confirmed science. Scientists should observe how God has performed his work in the past to find out how he will function in the future. God is consistent (Cobb 1). If people study accomplished prophecies, they will get confidence when they ...Show more


Science refers to a logical enterprise that establishes and systematizes knowledge in a variety of testable justifications and forecasts about the world (Hairston 1). Theology refers to the logical and rational study of religion and its power. …
Author : ernserrhett
Why Science and Theologians Should Work Together
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