Gandhi:Why would He Be Considered a "Liberal" Within the Hindu World?

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Gandhi: Why would he be considered a “liberal” within the Hindu world? Introduction Although Mahatma Gandhi practiced Hinduism throughout his life, Gandhi related with, learned from, and demonstrated immense respect for individuals who practiced different religious beliefs in India and across the world.


As a result, he embraced some of the Western beliefs, against his religious beliefs and practiced them. Gandhi experimented with several ideas, beliefs, and the knowledge he came across in the world regardless of the cultural, political, or religious boundaries. Gandhi, therefore, presented himself to the world as somebody continually evolving through certain principles and beliefs, which guided his behavior during his life against oppression and domination. Gandhi came out as a universal being although his mindset was principally Hindu. This paper demonstrates why Gandhi would be considered a “liberal” within the Hindu world. Gandhi a “liberal” of Hindu Beliefs and Practices Hinduism is considered as the oldest religion in the world. It developed more than 4500 years ago during which the Aryan tribes occupied areas of Middle East with their sacred writings called Vedas. In its emerging times, Hinduism emerged as a religion where the faithful believers worshiped several gods of nature like the gods of fire, sky, war, and storms. Hindu principles include principle of nonviolence, existence of god in everyone and everywhere, and goodness of the soul among others (Himalayan Academy 8). The religion practiced caste system of which Gandhi did not believe in their untouchable practice (Garg 45). ...
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