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Ancient Greek Religion

Thesis statement: The ancient Greek religion is entirely different from other religions because the same does not represent monotheism, but is symbolic of the unique characteristics of the different branches of Greek culture (say, Greek mythology, Greek gods and theology). Ancient Greek religion and mythology One can see that ancient Greek religion and Greek mythology are interconnected. Besides, this connection is based upon a number of mythical tales on the relationship between the gods and human beings. Walter Burkert opined that “The most important evidence for Greek religion remains the literary evidence, especially as the Greeks founded such an eminently literary culture” (4). When one goes through Greek mythology, one can see that most of the Greek heroes (say, Hercules, Odysseus etc), sought help from the Greek gods. Unlike other religions, ancient Greek religion provides less importance to cosmogony. On the other side, ancient Greek religion is not a single religion based upon a single god or the designer of all the things that can be seen in the universe. Instead, the ancient Greek religion consists of a number religious beliefs generally know as a single religion. ...
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In ancient Greek religion, the gods were similar to human beings, with full of human emotions and feelings. One can see that, most of the gods in ancient Greek religion can be seen in the Greek literature. …
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