Was Immigration Directly Influenced by Religion in American in the Late 1800's and Early 1900's?

Was Immigration Directly Influenced by Religion in American in the Late 1800
Religion and Theology
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The three main world religions, which are Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, are discussed by several scholars in a bid to understand the reason why many people were migrating to America before the turn of the twentieth century.


It is pertinent to acknowledge that religion played a key role in the way people had to live in America after they had migrated there. Zollman notes that in order to feel secure the immigrants wanted to live in areas where the other people practiced the same faith. No one wanted to be alone because the immigrants were new in the country and as a result, they wanted to live in religious groups and this could only be achieved through religion.
Although most immigrants moved to new countries to seek better economic opportunities, it is of equal importance to note that religious persecution makes people moving into new lands because they want to practice their faith freely. This is the reason why many Jews had to move from England to the U.S after they were expelled from their countries on the basis of their faith. When a group of people immigrates to a new country, they often settle in a group, which comprises of people from their own country. This means that the immigrants do not have a chance of learning the culture of the new country because they tend to practice their old traditions. This results in groups that are based on the same religion or ethnicity. ...
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