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The Problem of Religious Pluralism - Essay Example


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The Problem of Religious Pluralism

This created uncertainty over the validity of the idea of God since the religions give divergent views on the matter. This drastically decreases the chances that any of the beliefs that the religions stand for is the truth. Religious pluralism has made the idea of God contradictory with each religious group having their own versions and interpretations on the idea of God. This is among the major problems brought about by religious pluralism. If there were a single religion, with a clear ideology, the issue of God would not be contradictory, hence making the idea more valid rather than the contradicting beliefs brought about by pluralism. Though most religions are based on the concept of God, the differences that exist in the beliefs among religions cast a doubt on what the truth is on the idea of God. The diversity in religion also has evoked hostility between the different religious stands. The adherents of different religions view each other with distrust and hostility that comes about because of their religious affiliations. The adherents might also feel as if their religion is superior to the others. If this is the case, confrontation is likely to occur since religion elicits strong emotions among humans. The major culprits practicing religious chauvinism are the adherents of the main religions, who feel like their religion is better than the rest. A contributing factor to this perception majorly comes from the teachings that the faithful obtain that the other religious are evil and

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untrue (McKim, 2012). This creates a permanent perception that is based on teachings the Faithfull receive that drives a wedge between the adherents of different religions creating conflict. This could be avoided if the scenario was different and the world had a common religious affiliation this is, however, only wishful thinking since it is a characteristic of humanity to differ. It is, therefore, a mirage for humanity to live in the utopia of religious harmony. The chauvinism has created intolerance among the different religions in that the society is separated by religious affiliations. This effect of religious pluralism has encouraged segmentation and radicalism in the society, which is a hindrance in creating harmony in societies. Individuals in societies are divided by religious intolerance that is deeply rooted in the institution making it difficult to solve this issue (Miller-McLemore and Wiley-Blackwell (Firm), 2012). The intolerance observed is a major course of conflict among societies from the ancient times and the problem is still visible today. Approaches to the Concept of God Man has always had a natural tendency to believe in the existence of a higher being. This factor has led man to search for the higher being that determines the existence of the human race. This is order for the individual to give thanks and ask for assistance when in need. This phenomenon, led to the creation of religions, and that gave rise to the idea of God. From the early man, humans have always been searching for this superior being leading to the formation of the institution of religion (McKim, 2012). People have Worship natural phenomena, idols, animals among other things before the arrival of religions the mainstream religions, which came up with the concept of God.


The problem of religious pluralism Name: Professor: Course: Date: The Problem of Religious Pluralism Introduction Religious diversity refers to the different attitudes towards beliefs on matters of religion that individuals have in the society. These divergent views coexist in order to create a situation whereby the society has pluralism in the area of religion…
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The Problem of Religious Pluralism essay example
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