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Six Faith Affirmations (Iman) and Importance of Shariah - Essay Example

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Six Faith Affirmations (Iman) and Importance of Shariah

This paper is focused on interpretations of six faith affirmations and positions Shariah as a modern alternative for legal principles’ development. Six faith affirmations Iman has six basic pillars. In accordance with them every Muslim should believe in Allah, angels, revealed books, commissioned Missioners, resurrection and events of Qiyamah, predestination of all things in the world. It is possible to interpret these principles in the following way: belief in Allah should be considered as the first basic pillar of Iman. It is impossible to develop the Islamic personality avoiding this belief. Further on, it is evident that this principle is the basic need for every individual. God’s worshipping is possible only when this first belief is taken by Muslims for granted. Allah is the sole Creator and orders the actions of his creations only in the ways that may please him. God leads to paradise and people are guided only by the Creator. The Islamic personalities need God’s forgiveness. Belief in Allah should not be followed by Muslims only because it is a way to paradise. They can enter paradise only if they are allowed by God to enter there. The second pillar, belief in the Angels, can be explained as follows: angels exist among other creations of God. They are real beings and they were created from light. Qur’an describes angels: Jibreel is responsible for delivering revelation; Mika'il brings the rain, Israfil blows the horn on Qiyamah; Malik-ul-Maut takes away human souls after death. There are also the Noble Recorders responsible for recording of people's actions. The Protectors (Al-Mu'aqqibat) prevent people from death. Two angels, opposed to each other are Ridhwan and Malik. The former is responsible for Paradise and the latter for Hell. Munkar and Nakir are the questioners in the grave. There are also other angels, responsible for recording the future of fetus, those who entered the Haraam and some others. There are exact quotes in the divine books of Muslim that belief in the angels is one of the most important things for the Islamic personalities: “Belief in the angels is an integral part of Iman” (2/285 Al-Baqara), “Kufr with respect to the angels is Kufr” (4/136 An-Nisaa). Therefore, belief in the angels is the integrative part of belief in Allah. It is very important to believe in angels, because they are “spiritual mediators” of the words of Allah. It is possible to claim that every component of Iman is very important in the Islamic religion, but the role of angels as promoters of Allah intentions strengthens developments of Qur’an and the Sunnah. Belief in the Books of Allah is outlined in Qur’an, because they should be followed by truly devoted Muslims. These are: As-Suhuf of Ibrahim and Musa, Az-Zaboor given to Daud, At-Taurat revealed to Musa, Al-Injeel revealed to Isa, Al-Qur'an - the final revelation. Moreover, Qur’an has the following characteristics: it is flawless (41/42 Fusilat); this book is the final authority (5/48 Al-Maidah), guidance and a mercy (10/37 Yunus). The importance and guidance of Qur’an is explained by the Prophet: “The Book of Allah; in it is news of those who came before you; news of what is to come after you; the ruling on that which is between you; it is the decisive criterion, and is not jest” (Six Affirmations of Iman). There are a lot of comparisons of this Holy Book and it is often mentioned that ...Show more


Name Subject Date Six Faith Affirmations (“Iman”) and Importance of Shariah Introduction The modern global world is blurring out the limits of centennial values and morals. Religion is one of the most unique phenomenons and the guidance of any period of time…
Author : lindsay05
Six Faith Affirmations (Iman) and Importance of Shariah essay example
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