Three Parables from according to Luke

Three Parables from according to Luke Essay example
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Name Course Institution Date Three Parables according to Luke The Good Samaritan Jesus used the story of Good Samaritan to outline the true responsibilities of pastors and servants of God that they happen to neglect. Through this parable, Jesus also reminded His listeners about the laws of Moses that reiterated love for neighbors (Luke 10:25–29).


The pastor, who was actually the teacher of laws of Moses, broke the same laws by failing to express love and compassion to the injured person. Instead, a man of Samaritan considered being naive about the laws of Moses expresses love and compassion and takes responsibilities of caring for the injured man. Spiritually regarding the parable of the Good Samaritan, a number of lessons build up. The first this parable reminds us that not all who call or preach the word of God depict true salvation. This is evident where the pastor who preaches the word of God passes by the side of the injured man who is actually enduring a lot of pain. Spiritually, the pastor should be the very first person to help any individual undergoing particular problem without regard to any form diversity. The lost sheep While using this parable, Jesus intended to define the qualities of a true church leader. Jesus defines a good leader as one who knows and values all the subjects in equal measures. It is therefore the responsibility of a leader to look and bring back any lost subject without just focusing on the many. Jesus also intended to encourage church leaders to extend their ministries outside the church and identify, preach and covert other individuals grappling in sin (Luke 15.1-7). ...
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