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Friedrich Spee: The Real Jesuit (Add Student’s Name) (Add Tutor’s Name) (Add Date) Introduction The Jesuit tradition reflects the values of spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual life of the Jesuit society. It greatly encourages individuals’ spiritual development, intellectual life based on Catholic values and leadership traits.


37-49), centeredness on a Christ with a mission, Trinitarian sweep, liberality of grace, faith as trust, service in the world, and praying with discernment are the major values of Jesuit tradition. “Ignatian Christ is a person on the move”; and Ignatian spirituality is mainly focused on the words, “come, follow me” (Mk 10:21) (cited in Modras, 2004, p.38). The Jesuit tradition holds the view that every individual is called by God to complete a specific mission. This mission may be different from person to person and it will be revealed by God at various stages over a person’s life period. Similarly, there exists a Trinitarian sweet to Ignatian spirituality. According to this view, God is not only the person who created the universe, but he is also the one who reconciles the universe through Christ. As Modras (2004, p.40) reflects, the Christ is considered as the mediator between humans and the Father and he is responsible for accomplishing the God’s master plan. In addition, grace is one of the most distinctive and central values of Jesuit tradition. The Jesuit spirituality says that there should not be any restriction on to what extent grace shall be shown to others. According to the Ignatian view, such restriction would limit the liberality of grace. ...
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