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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Skloot, Rebecca

Therefore in the view of the writer, as long as the HeLa cell continued to exist, Henrietta Lacks, whose name make up the HeLa cell also continues to live. The author was coming from a point where a number of issues that often confront America as a society and most of which have often been subjects of debate was used. This point had to do with poverty and discrimination against the African American community of the United States. The author therefore gets to the point of winning glory out of sorrow by first writing on the theme of racial politics of medicine in America. Even today, it is an open secret that the distribution of healthcare to the American populace has not been done fairly. This is a serious ethical issue that has a lot of negative implications on the global image of America as a multicultural society; especially when the perception continues to grow that the discrimination is against a particular race. ...
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Topic:  The text your going to use Skloot, Rebecca. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. New York, NY: Broadway Paperbacks, Crown Publishing Group, Random House, Inc., 2010, 2011.Choose one of the first four chapters from the book From the early chapters of the book, particularly the second chapter, it could be said that the author’s work gives a clear indication that there is some level of good associated with everything bad…
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