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The Local Islamic Center Introduction I chose to visit the local Islamic Center. It is located in CITY NAME HERE on River Road, and it is also known as the Faisal Mosque. The word faisal is Arabic in origin and it literally means “dedicated,” and after first establishing contact with Muslims who attended this mosque I soon realized that this was a fitting title.


After talking with Nazredinne, he informed me that he was presently cleaning the mosque. Summary of Experience I had made plans to meet Nazredinne at the mosque around six o’clock on a Friday evening. As I entered the mosque on the first floor, I saw piles of shoes lying upon the floor. So, following what other men were doing, I also took my shoes off and proceeded up the steps. Nazredinne served as my host and translator for the rest of the evening. After telling me that he had a few things to finish doing, he led me into the main room of the mosque and told me that he would be right back. As I looked around, I saw about 30 Middle Easterners sitting around the room, and it became very quiet. It was most uncomfortable. However, some of the men approached me out of hospitality to introduce themselves and their country of birth. Soon after my arrival, I was invited to partake of the fellowship meal. This is something that is done every evening of the day of prayer. The meal consisted of lamb, rice, dates, eggplant, and many other Arab foods and delicacies. ...
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