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Catholic Mass: A Reflection Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Catholic Mass: A Reflection During the Liturgy of the word, God speaks to his people through the proclamation of the scriptures. There is a call from God for holiness in his children. God speaks to his people, as a community, to embrace the faith puts upon them.


Through God’s word to his people, he nourishes their spirit. The communication of the word of God is through the readings from the scriptures. According to the word, Christ Jesus is present and continues to provide for those who abide by the word of God as communicated through the scriptures readings. When believers in faith make professions, they confirm their acceptance of God and consent to the beliefs. Silence prevails during the liturgy of the word. This enable the word of God descend into the hearts of the believer in faith for a comprehensive understanding. The process of proclamation of the readings from the scripture also requires silence, and so does the preaching of the homily require silence. During the liturgy of the word, the assembly gives an ear to the word during the proclamation through the reading from the scripture. It is notable that this task needs a comprehensive mastery, through practice. The assembly needs to master the proceedings and show keenness in the proceedings, articulating the sayings throughout the process. This is because the liturgy involves very important stages, only mastered through intense practice. The greatest point during the liturgy of the word comes during the reading of the gospel. All proceedings prepare the assembly for this peak. These include the time during proclamation and the time during the previous readings. ...
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