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Religious Fundamentalism

by ignoring the violence involved, however the modern day Islamic Modernism involves such aspects owing much to the global terrorism. This paper aims at discussing the worldview in detail by identifying the pre-suppositions behind the worldview, also discussing few of the causes and consequences of the religious fundamentalism. Religious Fundamentalism is used for almost all major world religions alike, for instance, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism etc though the values and tenets of all these religions is different, however, since fundamentalists resist change the term is applied to them by modernists. There are various pre-suppositions which can be helpful in identifying the worldview, rather in understanding the concepts attached. Firstly, the identity of fundamentalist community lies in their resistance to change and their will to retain the past values which were rather owned by their descendants over the centuries. These people rather aim at restoring the golden age which had defined their religious values. Secondly, according to a few of the researchers, fundamentalists are rather assertive and violent though this statement can`t be generalized. ...
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Author`s Name School Name Religious Fundamentalism Religious Fundamentalism is the term which was first used for the Protestant Community dominant in the United State in the 20th century. As the name suggests, the values and belief system of the people belonging to this community are fundamental and resistant to the modern idea as far as religion is concerned…
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