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Religious Fundamentalism - Essay Example

by ignoring the violence involved, however the modern day Islamic Modernism involves such aspects owing much to the global terrorism. This paper aims at discussing the worldview in detail by identifying the pre-suppositions behind the worldview, also discussing few of the causes and consequences of the religious fundamentalism. Religious Fundamentalism is used for almost all major world religions alike, for instance, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism etc though the values and tenets of all these religions is different, however, since fundamentalists resist change the term is applied to them by modernists. There are various pre-suppositions which can be helpful in identifying the worldview, rather in understanding the concepts attached. Firstly, the identity of fundamentalist community lies in their resistance to change and their will to retain the past values which were rather owned by their descendants over the centuries. These people rather aim at restoring the golden age which had defined their religious values. Secondly, according to a few of the researchers, fundamentalists are rather assertive and violent though this statement can`t be generalized. For instance, the Hindu Fundamentalists` destruction of the Babri Mosque in 1992 was considered a classic case of Religious Fundamentalism. Thirdly, this group of fundamentalists won`t just be applying the religious values upon themselves, rather they feel that they have been prescribed the duty of enlightening others with their worldview

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Analysis of The Christian and Bible Fundamentalism
Christian and Bible fundamentalists are extremists, thus they defend the theories and doctrines of Christianity zealously. They interpret the Bible literary, thus any other doctrine that goes against Bible teachings is not acceptable. According to fundamentalists, all the events that take place in the world are only attributable to Christianity.
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Suppose you have been invited to a public debate on the conflict between religious fundamentals and the methods of science. What
In the contemporary era scientists offer clear and logical explanations for the evolution of life, the formation of the solar system, etc. In the face of such indisputable scientific evidence, it is no longer possible to accommodate religious dogma. Religious fundamentalism or the literal interpretation of scriptures offered a degree of solace to primitive people when their lives and livelihoods were under constant threat from natural disasters, epidemic diseases and barbaric warfare.
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Discuss the impact of Christian Fundamentalism on American polotics
. . . The ministry of the church, however, is to equip the saints for their vocations in the world, and political action is not a large part of every Christian's vocation. . . . The church's vocation is to sustain many different vocations. And it is to keep those who are politically engaged, engaged with one another, especially when they are politically opposed.
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Apitalism, globalization and fundamentalism
His works also includes the description of globalization and slowly how the world is being modernized. He tested his rationalization against the historical developments of India and China. It was interesting analysis because a democratic government rules India and a communist government rules China.
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Religious Fundamentalism
Christian fundamentalism is an American phenomenon but it also received support in some European countries (Dollar, 1973). The history of Christian fundamentalism in America goes back to the late 19th century and is connected with modernity and a new social order (Marin-Guzman, 2003).
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Religious Conflict / Fundamentalism (Hitler's anti-Semitism idea)
ots of classical anti-Semitism were founded in Christianity, with the belief that Jews were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Working Definition on Anti-Semitism). In spite of the long history of anti-Semitism, at no time in its history were the Jews to experience
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Account for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the latter part of the 20th century
o the emergence of Islamic fundamentalism are an increasing opposition to the Western way of life, and the growing incidence of corruption in the Muslim world (Rippin 184). The movement for establishing an Islamic state is referred to as Islamic fundamentalism. The notion of
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Islamic Politics and Culture
nt: The internal and external issues/problems like low status of women, low development investment, lack of secular education, emergence of political Islam and religious fundamentalism are to be explored by the Muslim societies to bring programmatic changes and these
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Islamic politics
These are issues that appear too complicated to handle but the complexity of studying the Islamic perspective on war and peace seems just as exhausting to comprehend that it occasionally loses appeal and makes large peace-making bodies dissipate a great deal of hope in the
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Critically discuss whether religious fundamentalism and violence are always entertwined
Nevertheless, nowadays the world has adopted the principle of separation of Church and State, making religious institution less important and
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and spreading knowledge about their religion even by force, as was the case with Ulster Sinhalese and Buddhist Sinhalese. Also, being unique is also a part of Fundamentalism in various religions. This implies that these groups seek unique identities for instance Hijab, skin marks, crosses and other rituals and distinctive practices to distinguish themselves from the group (Fridel 2009). Moreover, for these groups, there is only one truth which is the fundamentals of their religion and everything else according to them is false, including all other religions. Also, a religious book i.e. a Holy book containing the contextual details of their religions is considered as an important source of inspiration which is very rigidly followed by the Fundamentalists. Also, these people deny the civic even international laws as they solely believe in God`s laws and will. Moreover, sexual behaviors are also of central concern for these fundamentalists as these are highly phobic to homosexuality or other controversial concepts. Thus, the long-term goal of this fundamentalist community is to replace the state apparatus with morality and laws which are governed by the will of the God and religious sentiments (Weinberg and Pedahzur 2004). Modernity can be deemed as the most credible root cause behind Fundamentalism as the new and the changing principles challenge the core values of family life and traditions. For instance, homosexuality and open relationships are perilous for family life and the chain of marriage and birth, thus those who fear change will seek escape in religion, thus they will be more prone to the fall prey to the fundamentalist movements. The free elections in Tunisia and Egypt reflect the fear of the people as they are still in the transition phase and fear the fusion of western values with their cultures, thus they
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Author`s Name School Name Religious Fundamentalism Religious Fundamentalism is the term which was first used for the Protestant Community dominant in the United State in the 20th century. As the name suggests, the values and belief system of the people belonging to this community are fundamental and resistant to the modern idea as far as religion is concerned…
Religious Fundamentalism
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