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Torah History Introduction Nearly, all religions have a history and every one can envision how such faiths started. At least one or two people have a revelation and persuade others to follow them, integrity of such belief resting on the credibility of the leaders.


This paper discusses the probable history of Torah, a holy book of the Jews. In Hebrew, Torah means to demonstrate belief or decree. In general, terms “Torah” means Judaism written law and oral law. Torah first originated with Moses when God first spoke to him from the mount of Sinai, 50 days after their escape from Egyptian slavery. Jewish tradition believed that the book was dedicated to Moses except the last eight verses of Deuteronomy that talks of Moses death. According to Telushkin (2008), Torah shows how God wants Jews to live, and it contains 613 commandments that guide Jews way of life. Torah is written in Jewish language, which is the oldest Jewish language. It consists of the first five books of the Jewish bible also called the Pentateuch. However, some scholars believe that Torah has multiple authors, and it is a blend of four separate sources. It is believed that it was written in the 450 BCE and its sources include the Jahwist, Elohist, the Deutronomist and the priestly source. There is no deduction for this since many other authors have come up with their hypothesis of the evolution of Torah with no one consensus reached for it (Telushkin, 2008). ...
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