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Name Institution Instructor Course Date War and Peace Abstract This essay on war and peace explores the moral and legal of when and how to achieve the political objective. The paper analyses the ethics of war and peace on its legal and moral perspective with respect to the religious teaching.


This paper studies the official catholic teachings on peace and war in the broader perspective of the globalised world. It gives special attention to the prevailing societal set up and emerging trends in the governments. The paper reviews the present teaching of the Roman Catholic Church then follows statements of the church bishop, Pope John Paul II. The Australian Catholic Church social justice council has two documents (already in the market) that outline the statements of the pope John Paul II that contains the teachings of catechism of the Catholic Church on the issue of war and peace. He published these documentaries when the Republic of Iraq was facing the threat of military intervention by a contingent of allied forces. This was because Iraq had failed to meet the inspection resolutions of the UN concerning weapons production and mass destruction of persons through wars (Marc, 2002:46-49). The document by the pope provides a basic source for the local communities on the justice groups and individuals seeking information on the stand of the church towards war and peace. It reviews the teachings of the church on the issue of war and peace as contained in the catechism with excerpts from the Holy Father and church leaders from across the world. The responses of the Catholic Church in regard to use of force are in two strands that answers the issues of pacifist and just war. ...
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