Why must religion be based on faith rather than on knowledge?

Why must religion be based on faith rather than on knowledge? Research Paper example
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Topic: Why must religion be based on faith rather than on knowledge?

God is unknown but is all-knowing. He is all and is omnipotent. He is nature and the ruler of universe.


He determines everything and anyone’s destiny from birth to death. He gave you mind to be cognitive, to make choices, and to bear your life. God knew from the start that you will depart from your innate goodness as you sin and cavort with the needs of your flesh, but God knew that you will still return to Him. After all, human beings are created in accordance to His image. Are these thoughts about God born out of knowledge or out of strong faith? Philosophers contended that the infinity of God cannot be comprehended by the limited capacity of human beings to understand His greatness. Ancient and medieval philosophers have in fact attempted to empirically grasp God’s existence, albeit done purely through intellectual pursuits. Various theological positions were made and written. Augustine of Hippo, who hailed from North Africa and have converted from Manichaenism to Christianity, posited that thought credo ut intelligengiam or ‘I believe so that I may understand.” Such assert that human reason is essential only for those who possess faith and thus, human being’s rational capacity to reason is effective in obtaining general knowledge about the world and of God. He viewed that part of the innate nature of human being is to commit evil acts. This, for him, is integrated in the Divine plan which allowed persons to choose to do good or evil. The unbearable consequences of bad acts always made human beings choose do what is good. ...
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