God's Responsibility for the Suffering of Innocent People

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Name Institution Date God’s Responsibility for the Suffering of Innocent People The book of Job is a record of the seemingly undeserved suffering of a righteous man, but who holds on to his faith and is ultimately delivered from his suffering. God Himself is a witness of the righteousness of Job as narrated in Job 1:8 (Harris, 201).


Natural evils whereby evil events, which man cannot control or does not initiate like floods, earthquakes and illnesses and moral evils which are caused by the free choices that man makes are the two types of evils that are found in the world (Fischer, Fischer & Hart, 117). Thinkers have advanced various ideas about evil with Thomas Aquinas stating that God created the universe with laws of nature that sometimes lead to evil, giving the example of the law of gravity that can make an object to hit someone’s head as it obeys the law. He concluded that God does not desire bad things to happen but allows them so as to respect the natural laws that he created. Job’s friends Eliphaz, Bildad and Zopher tried to offer an explanation about the cause of the suffering, indicating that Job must have done something wrong to warrant the suffering, and we could probably from a worldly perspective conclude that much of that which happens to man is caused by human behavior Fischer, Fischer & Hart, 119). The friends continue to remind Job that God cannot chastise an innocent person. Jesus Christ Himself admonished those who he healed to ‘go and sin no more’. ...
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