Should Parents be Subjected to Licencing? - Essay Example

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Should Parents be Subjected to Licencing?

In the hands of parents lie their children’s future because how they mold their children will create a great impact on the children’s lives. LaFollette has argued that a license is necessary when the activity to be engaged upon is potentially harmful to others. Much like a driver needs to secure a driver’s license before driving a car because driving is potentially harmful to others, parenting is argued to likewise be potentially harmful to children especially if the parents are not qualified to raise them (183). The second argument for a licensing program for parents is that their competence should be proven in order to ensure a safe performance of their duties as parents (183). What if they are not adept in caring for another individual, especially a young child who is totally dependent on them for all his needs? What if they do not have what it takes to equip the children with the necessary skills to survive when they grow up and go out into the world? What would become of these children? A third argument for licensing is that there should be a reliable procedure for testing such competence (184). ...
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Should Parents Be Subjected to Licencing? Children are very vulnerable to their parents’ quality of care. How a child grows and develops is very much dependent on his parent’s provision of love, guidance and basic needs. Parenting skills should be honed in order to raise children well to be the kind of persons they have been envisioned to be…
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