How the Term "Atheist" Is Being Used in a Contemporary Media Article

How the Term "Atheist" Is Being Used in a Contemporary Media Article Essay example
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How the term "atheist" is being used in a contemporary media article Definition and Interpretation The terms Atheism or anti-theism, are used interchangeably with the meaning of non-existence of god. However, this interpretation of atheism is taken under consideration quite loosely by the philosophers of Atheism.


But, they do have a belief that there is an existence of god but the activities of god in operating the world dynamics are negligible. The concept of negative atheism is a midpoint between the two poles of pure atheism and anti-atheism. However, the overall concept of Atheism is based upon the belief on the existence of god rather than having the knowledge and evidence of the existence of god. This knowledge-based concept is also called as agnosticism. Brief History The historical evidences of atheism are not found until the seventeenth century. However, the French Enlightenment of sixteenth century may have some clues associated with the beginning of the concept of Atheism, but in essence the true evidence of Atheism are indicated by the historians in the mid of seventeenth century. Some historians argue that the modern day concept of atheism is the one which is narrow in its meanings. This narrow meaning of atheism (i.e. non-existence of god) established in seventeenth century, but prior to it, the more general and broader meanings of atheism did exist. Due to lack of appropriate synonyms, the word atheism was kept being used in its broader meanings such that the concept of non-existence of god was ignored in its usage. ...
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