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Essay example - Sanctuary Reports

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Religion and Theology
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The term synagogue may refer to a place set consecrated to prayer and Jewish teachings. By going to synagogue, one portrays dedication to God and readiness to learn His laws. It is here where one gets…

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Besides demonstrating loyalty and dedication to God, synagogue acts as a symbol of Jewish unity. It is a religious center and going there enables people to meet. It binds Jews together, hence facilitating unity among them. The Jewish community ascribes to one religion, i.e. the Judaism. Religious leaders in synagogues teach elements of Judaism thus joining people into one faith. Through such aspect, Jews find themselves united and loyal to what they believe.
Synagogue connects Jews to divine powers and enables them to develop a personal relationship with God. Each person participates in rituals such as cleaning of hands when entering, bowing down in worship among other rituals. There is an individual commitment to perform these rituals hence promoting personal relationship with the creator. It is therefore a crucial tradition in Jewish culture that each Jew maintains from generation to another. Parents introduce their children to this religious practice at their early age. They grow up knowing the significance of attending regular services at the synagogue.
There are various symbols in the synagogue with different meanings of Jewish religion. They include the ark, the scroll, Bimah, lights, inscriptions and the pulpit among other symbols. Each symbol plays a significant role in the synagogue. They make the purpose of the synagogue, complete by aiding in the performance of major rituals. Some are used by religious leaders while others are utilized by the whole congregation.
Synagogue ark is different from the ark that is put in the temple. The later is only accessible to the high priest at a specific time, i.e. day of atonement. The ark in the synagogue is accessible to all Jews and is a place where they keep the scroll of Torah which contains the law. It is a safe place where the scroll is kept and cannot be damaged. This implies how valuable Torah scroll is ...
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