Elements of Religious Traditions

Elements of Religious Traditions Essay example
Religion and Theology
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Elements of Religious Traditions [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] Introduction Religion plays important roles in the life of an individual. Bowker (2006) defines religion as a set of beliefs about existence, nature, and purpose of the universe. In other words, Bowker (2006) links religion to ritual and devotional observances in relation to some superhuman agency or agencies.


Several religions exist depending on how an individual is swayed by different religious principles. Despite existence of variations in religious traditions and rituals, certain common themes that guide humanity are, however, shared in various religions. This paper, in effect, discusses some elements of religious traditions. Relationship with Divine Divinity, according to Keene (2006), relates to a supernatural being; a God, god, or a goddess. In religious traditions, relationship with divine explores how human beings relate to these supernatural beings. Smith (1991) explains that human beings consider themselves inferior and unworthy to stand before these paranormal beings. Relationships humans establish with supernatural beings depend on religious teachings or life events an individual has experienced. Therefore, depending on how a person understands the concept of divinity, an individual can have a strong relation with a spiritual being than with a mortal man. According to Smith (1991), human species consider relationship with a high power as an inevitable act. There are, therefore, systems of laws and guidelines that dictate how human beings should respond to various religious wants or responsibilities. ...
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