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Ethics of Buddhism and Islam Name Course Professor Date Introduction Buddhism and Islam are well known religions, which enable individuals to recognize themselves in a spiritual manner. They have different doctrines, which explain the same facts. Buddhism is mostly practiced in Northern India while Islam is widespread in Arabia.


Several promising signs from space were noticed after his birth; moreover, a wise man predicted that he would be triumphant. He was born in a noble family, but was not satisfied with the life he lived. He realized that not everyone lived a lavish life; therefore, he sought ways to stop human suffering. Muhammad’s birth took place in Mecca. He claimed that an angel had visited him on return from one of his trips from Mount Hira, which is where he went to meditate in private. The angel told him to spread the word of God. He was reluctant at first, but he accepted the task after the angel made occasional visits to urge Muhammad to do God’s will. His wife Khadija also encouraged him to do God’s will. Muhammad claimed he was a prophet, and that his task was to pass the message given to him by God. Muhammad urged people to do what Allah wanted them to do. Buddha, in the early days, clarified to the people that he was neither God nor a savior. He claimed that he was a man, with no superhuman powers; he was a pathfinder. He taught people how to live in a spiritual manner, and that everything that exists goes through pain and distress. He enlightened them on the path to freedom, which was the only way of getting out of the misery brought by life and death. ...
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