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The Baptism Debate [Name of Student] Religion and Theology [Name of Supervisor] [Date] Introduction Religion, as an aspect of life, entails a set of beliefs about existence, nature, and purpose of the universe.1 Religion is also defined as a personal belief and/or opinions towards existence of nature and worship of a particular deity.2 In addition, religion includes divine involvement of supernatural beings in human life and the entire universe.


One such area of difference is the meaning and importance of baptism. That is, various denominations approach ideas related to baptism differently. Some individuals, for example, do not recognize any significance of baptism. This paper explores certain debatable issues surrounding baptism. Specifically, the paper addresses merits of baptism, eligibility of an individual for baptism, and correct biblical mode of baptism. Outline of the Paper While exploring the concept of baptism among believers, the paper identifies some debatable aspects of baptism. The areas include significance of baptism, children baptism, and correct biblical mode of baptism. Since the paper is an argumentative paper, both proposing and opposing sides of the areas are discussed in the paper. This paper begins by exploring the meaning and understanding of baptism. This section outlines how baptism is important to believers. The paper further identifies merits of baptism to Baptists, individuals who believe in existence and usefulness of baptism. While discussing baptism of children, the paper begins by highlighting reasons used by individuals who oppose infant baptism. Those who are in favor of the issue are later discussed in the paper. ...
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