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1. What factors contributed to the triumph of Christianity in the Roman Empire? Christianity was largely successful in the Roman Empire due to the fact that there was long and arduous struggle for Christian converts that eventually resulted in victory over the Roman Empire.


2. Why were the Romans initially threatened by Christianity? The Romans were initially threatened by Christianity because leaders who stood and believed in the status quo did not encourage any shift of power from one social group to another. In fact, a shift in power would amount to quite big problems; it all boiled down to money. Without enough people to make sacrifices at the temple, people who worked in temples and made money as money changers in the temples did not make money off to Christians, who refused to participate due to the new wave of thinking brought in by Christianity. Christians were viewed as overly exclusive and hence, dangerous to the society in general and public order. Christians had no respect for other gods and they therefore refrained from public festivals that were meant to honor public deities. In fact, they never worshiped state gods and the imperial cult. They neither worshipped nor recognized the emperor as the leader of religion. This turned out to be unfortunate for the Romans, who wanted to stay powerful. Therefore, they were treated with suspicion and regarded as stubborn and somewhat subversive to the State solidarity. 3. What do the world-views of Christianity and Greco-Roman humanism have in common? How are they different? Christianity and Greco-Roman humanism share many common elements. ...
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