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Testament of Dom Christian De Cherge, OCSO - Essay Example

It is this unfathomable forgiveness that creates a similarity between this protagonist’s mental transformation and the sublime and divine mercy exhibited by the priest, Dom Christian De Cherge, towards his future murderers, who later killed him in Algeria. Fr.Christian’s deep sense of forgiveness has arisen from the realization that he, as a human being, has a “share in the evil which (…) (exists) (…) in the world” (Christian). This is why he says, “I should like, when the time comes, to have a space of lucidity which would enable me to beg forgiveness of God and of my fellow human beings, and at the same time to forgive with all my heart the one who would strike me down.”  To explain the real basis of forgiveness further, Fr. Christian has gone ahead in his letter to say that as he loved all his fellow human beings, it would be one among those of his loved ones, who will eventually kill him. He is pained and sad to know that one of his loved ones would strike him down (Christian). Fr. Christian is able, with his all-forgiving heart to shift his view point to that of his killer. He says that the killer might think that he was acting “in fidelity to what he believes to be Islam” (Christian). ...
Fr. Christian has said: For me, Algeria and Islam is something different (to what terrorists say). It is a body and a soul. I have proclaimed it often enough, I think, in view of and in the knowledge of what I have received from it, finding there so often that true strand of the Gospel learned at

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my mother’s knee, my very first Church, precisely in Algeria, and already respecting believing Muslims.  Fr. Christian, in this manner, has revealed that all religions profess the same virtues and values, thereby ridding Islam also of the responsibility of the actions of Islamic terrorists. To conclude, Fr. Christian has called his killer as his “last minute friend.” Fr. Christian has here repeated that his future killer would be acting without knowing what he was doing and even do not forget to thank him. In the case of Mr. Ives, the novel presents him in its beginning, as a man unable to forgive the murderer of his son (Hijuelos, 8-9). The killing of his son is depicted in the following lines in the novel: His murderer, his face scowling, came walking down the street just as his son and a friend were standing around talking. Pop, pop, pop, three shots in the belly because his son had simply turned his head to watch his murderer’s exaggerated and comic gait as he went by. A fourteen year old kid, who’d reeled around asking, “What chew looking at?” his gun out before an answer (Hijuelos, 8). Thus, the son of Mr. Ives died. The absurdity and meaninglessness of the entire situation is enhancing the intensity of the bitterness that the father, Mr. Ives, suffer from. There were relatives and friends of Mr.Ives who talked to him of revenge and prompted him to take that path but Ives realizes that his hatred towards Daniel Gomez,


Fr. Christian, when he wrote his letter forecasting his death at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists, has been very careful in his letter not to have the least amount of hatred towards his opponents even when he felt sure that he would be murdered by them (Christian)…
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Testament of Dom Christian De Cherge, OCSO essay example
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