Pastoral Ward Visit of Chaplains or Pastoral Ward Visit in the Context of Chaplaincy

Pastoral Ward Visit of Chaplains or Pastoral Ward Visit in the Context of Chaplaincy Essay example
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PASTORAL WARD VISIT OF CHAPLAINS OR PASTORAL WARD VISIT IN THE CONTEXT OF CHAPLAINCY Student’s name Course title Institution’s name: Instructor’s name: date of submission: Introduction Pastoral ward visits have turned out to be a common phenomenon in many health care centres and hospitals across the globe.


In their pastoral ward visits, chaplains work jointly with other volunteers and health professionals found within hospital hospitals. In their pastoral ward visits, the chaplains offer confidential counselling, and spiritual support. The chaplains also act as listening ears and offer inspirational talk to those who are in need1. The study examines the importance and relevance of pastoral ward visits to patients, family members, and health care staffs. The essay will also make recommendations for future improvement. Methodology In the study, the researcher used Daily log to examine the time spent in attending one patients as well as the time spent by chaplains in the wards. To get direct feedbacks from patients, the researcher used questioner. The questioner was also used to examine what is considered a success in pastoral ward visit. On the other hand, the questioner was also used to evaluate the level and nature of training among chaplains as well as soliciting the ideas of improving the services offered by chaplains. Informal interview was also employed to access whether the pastoral ward meets patients’ religious and spiritual needs. Discussion In spite of promoting religious and spiritual messages, chaplains in their pastoral ward visits also offers support to patients in their hospital treatment. ...
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