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Religion and Theology
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[Professor’s Name] [Student’s Name] [Course Title] [Date] Christian Theology by Millard J. Erickson The book Christian Theology is written by Millard J. Erickson. He has also penned several other books on similar topics. It starts off with a preface which acts like an introduction to the book, lets the reader know what to expect in the rest of the book.


It ends with a conclusion and sums up the contents of the book for the reader. The first section is titled ‘Studying God’ and has six parts in it which further branch out into more chapters. The first part is called ‘What is Theology?’. Over here, the terms religion and theology are discussed in terms of Christianity. Theology is simply a study of religion. It allows one to get to know more about one’s religion and even lets one understand other religions. It talks of the different religions which are so popular in the world now and broadens one’s horizons. The Word of God i.e. the Bible is also discussed over here and how it helps the Christians in following their religion. The first chapter is called ‘The Nature of Religion’ and is followed by ‘The Definition of Theology’. Next is ‘Locating (Systematic) Theology on the Theological Map’ and then ‘The Need for Theology’. After this is more talk of theology in the chapters ‘The Starting Point of Theology’, ‘Theology as Science’ and finally the last one called ‘Why the Bible?’. The second part is called ‘Theology and Philosophy’ and it branches out into just three chapters which relate theology and philosophy of different time periods to each other. ...
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