Religions Influencing the Policy

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Religion and Theology
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Religion is a belief that adds meaning to the lives of its followers as well as a purpose to hope for the future appreciate the past and have a clear understanding of the present.


Though it has been assumed to play major roles in peace making around the world, divisions and battles have taken place in the name of religion. Over decades, religion has diversified and developed to include major religions like Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Christianity and Islam are the two major religions that have contributed to economic, social, political and cultural development in world societies. Christianity has over two billion followers throughout the world; God being the Supreme Being then there is Jesus the son of god believed to have died to save Christians from their sins and the Holy Spirit. Christians read the bible and believe in its teachings taught by pastors and priests across the world. Christianity describes the way of life, the reason for existence and the plans for the future nourished by the Holy Spirit. Christians believe that they should not have anything to do with politics instead they should simply preach the gospel. They insist that Christ died for our sins and rose on the third day but that does not make it a geographical or a social entity for violence or political gains (Livingston page 8). But this does not mean that Gods kingdom has nothing to do with the world or that politics are not important, it simply means that the gospel should not be reference for political violations. ...
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