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Research Paper example - Shahrukh khan and representation of Islam in his movies.

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High school
Research Paper
Religion and Theology
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As the title states this paper encompasses around the mega Bollywood star Shahrukh khan’s movies and the interpretation of Islam in them. Firstly the paper focuses on the crux of Islamic fundamentalism and their principles. …

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As the title states this paper encompasses around the mega Bollywood star Shahrukh khan’s movies and the interpretation of Islam in them. Firstly the paper focuses on the crux of Islamic fundamentalism and their principles. Then the focus is entailed on the significant role of media and their policies to change the angle of representation of readers and viewers about societal facts and information. In this part the dominant role of media in representing Islam is also concentrated. Moving on to the next section limelight is given on the role of Bollywood and the influence of Islam in them. Then the core discussion is about Shahrukh khan’s movies and the impact of Islam in them. Three outstanding movies of Shahrukh have been adopted for this purpose as for example Veer Zaara, My Name is Khan and Hey Ram. In Veer Zaara, a marvelous cross cultural love story ahead of its times and the impact of religion and the message of communal harmony has been beautifully spun. Public responses are also shown. Then a plethora of in detailed explanation of the representation of Islam and Shahrukh khan’s most acclaimed film ,’My Name Is Khan’ has been provided. Finally ending a short discussion is also given about the movie Hey Ram where Shahrukh khan played a small role of Muslim archaeologist where also Islam has a vivid significance. ...
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