Compare and Contrast the Ideas about What Happens after Death in Buddhism and Christianity

Compare and Contrast the Ideas about What Happens after Death in Buddhism and Christianity Research Paper example
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Topic: In this paper, the ideas about what happens after death in Buddhism and Christianity will be compared and contrasted, as will the practice of meditation/prayers Every living entity born in the world has to go through the two distinct phases of life and death.


Death is one entity which causes the cessation of these duties. There are many definitions of death in different scriptures and religions. The scientific world describes death as a mode when there is a permanent termination of all biological functions needed to sustain a living body. The journey does not end here as there is a mention of a life after death or the beginning of the afterlife across various religions of the world. According to the second law of thermodynamics, all energetic states in nature strive to attain the most probable state thus the more disordered and the highly undifferentiated state (Koslowski 4). As such, resurrection or gaining eternal life or Nirvana would not be possible in a world that is subject to the laws of thermodynamics. It would be possible only in a world that is free from such physical laws. The theories on bodily resurrection or eternal life are based on the assumptions of ontological transformation of the dead or the matter. Eternal life – its depiction across religions There are many ways by which the theories regarding after life or life after death is explained. No single belief or faith can provide an accurate concise explanation to the same. Christianity and Islam speak about the existence of the heaven and the hell as places where the dead transcend after death. Sikhism and Hinduism also believe in the concept of reincarnation and heaven and hell. ...
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