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Demetrias A Page Professor Ron Hodge Rel-201 27 July 2012 Salvation The Bible, the Holy book of the Christianity, is a widely read and learned book, which is also the principal textbook of theology around the globe. The Bible is often regarded as a source of wisdom, peace, and inspiration by millions of people.


The Old Testament depicts the events from the time of creation to the times before Jesus Christ, whereas The New Testament is the commentary of the life of Jesus Christ. Salvation is a topic that often comes up in discussions about the Bible, and, of course, the core element of the entire New Testament. Theologians are deeply at odds regarding the extent to which the concept of salvation is used in the Old Testament. James Barr (Scottish Old Testament scholar) points out that Salvation has not been given ‘central prominence’ in the Old Testament. Salvation in religion refers to the saving of the soul from sins and its aftermaths. Biblical Salvation rarely refers to Salvation from hell. Absolution from hindrances in life is the common meaning given to Salvation in the Old Testament. The Israeli people were subjected to a number of natural calamities, epidemics, captivity etc. As in the Old Testament, Salvation is seen iterated as temporal deliverance. Coming to the New Testament, its meaning develops as saving mankind from death or the second death. This development happens progressively from the Old to New Testament. A new concept that comes in the New Testament is that of the judgment day. ...
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