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Movie Review example - Everything is Illuminated, The Mission, and Little Buddah

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Everything is Illuminated, The Mission, and Little Buddah Movie Review example
Movie Review
Religion and Theology
Pages 4 (1004 words)
1. What Jonathon is referring to is his past. He feels that by discovering about his history, he will understand himself more. Jonathon’s interest in collecting things stems from when his grandmother was on her deathbed. She gave Jonathon a photo of her dead husband, Jonathon’s grandfather, who is standing with a random woman…

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Jonathon makes the journey to Ukraine to try and find the mystery woman who helped his grandfather during his time of need. Another meaning from the statement that Jonathon gives is that he wants to discover his own background. Something that Jonathon maybe think is about is the fact that he would not exist without this woman helping his grandfather. If there is a chance that she is still alive, then Jonathon wants to meet her and possibly thank her. Jews by nature are very religious people who have had a long and turbulent history. It is this history that helps them to keep going. Modern day Jews wants the story of the Holocaust to be taught because they do not want the wrongs of the past to be repeated in the future. Jonathon feels like his history is an important part of who he is today, so he should do everything possible to learn from his ancestors. While Jonathon may not be finding information key to the Jewish religion, he appreciates the fact that he is Jewish and wants to learn more about his history. 2. Alex’s grandfather initially had a negative attitude towards Jews; he keeps referring to Jonathon as “Yid,” which can sometimes be used as a derogatory term for Jewish people. There are some Jews who call themselves this term, so there is still some debate as to whether Yid puts down Jews or not. ...
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