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Homily simply refers to the sermon delivered by the priest or deacon during Sunday service at the church after the reading of holy verses from one or more of the four canonical books of Gospel.


Reading the verses from the Gospel has been a tradition observed by the churches for centuries, where it is performed while standing at the seats, though the Bible is listened to by the people attending Liturgy while sitting on their seats It has frequently been witnessed that churches follow different religious traditions while delivering sermon during liturgy; sometimes, the priests deliver sermons, called homily, by concentrating upon the verses recited from the Gospel (Chadwick, 1975, p.259) . Similarly, many a times, the priests select the verses from one or more of the sixty two Books of Holy Bible to include in the church service as homily. Although the church ministers and priests had established the church decorum in the aftermath of Paul’s first letter to the church of Corinth (Latourette, 1975, p.196) , yet apostles and saints had not defined one specific rule to be applied related to homily. Consequently, both these traditions are followed by the ministers and priests at the churches. ...
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